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Info about TRUTH.INFO
What TRUTH.INFO is and isn't:
TRUTH.INFO is a collection of writings about various topics, It is a personal project owned, authored and operated by Terje Ronneberg. It is not, nor does it intend to be a registered Church, charity, ministry or organisation. It is not related to nor does it promote any particular religious group or denomination. It simply seeks to spread the Truth in all its fullness and glory.

TRUTH.INFO is a work in perpetual progress, with many plans for the future, new writings are being added continuously, while old ones are being edited to increase accuracy, depth and clarity. If you would like to be up to date on new additions and changes, please register your interest by joining.

The Mission of TRUTH.INFO
Freely spread the truth about a wide variety of topics, to the glory of Jesus, the source of Truth. If you wish to share in fulfilling this mission you can help in many different ways. More info at: Join.

Site Policies
-All content will be family friendly.
-There will be no advertising on this site.
-Spam (unsolicited emails) will not be used.
-Any personal information given will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with anybody.
-All writings and content are public domain.

Linking Policies
-Everybody is welcome to link to TRUTH.INFO, no permission is required.
-There will be no links to external sites on TRUTH.INFO, since no guarantee can be made that external sites are child safe, virus-free, sound in teaching, spam free, or ethical in conduct. Also, maintaining a link directory of appropriate sites is an unnecessary strain on resources, which are already dedicated to developing and producing the content of this site.

Financial Policies
-No requests for financial support will be made.
-All information will be available for free.
-This project is a labour of love, and at the core of love is the willingness to give without expectation of receiving anything in return. I wish to freely share my writings with the world, for the good of all, and the glory of God. I do not expect or ask for anything in return. However, those desiring to give have the undeniable right to do so, and I will not reject any gift or blessing that comes my way, I will gratefully accept it and put it to good use.

About the Writings
What I write is mostly the result of collecting, combining and refining truths I have discovered through numerous sources. I have not seen heavenly visions, experienced angelic visitations or heard audible voices from Heaven. I do not claim my writings are divinely inspired like the Christian Holy Scriptures.

I do not claim that everything I write is the truth, but I do affirm that everything I write is what I honestly believe to be the truth. Only God and those who have received direct revelation from God, can claim to communicate the pure and perfect Truth.

It is not my intention to force anybody to accept my point of view, I simply wish to share the truths I believe and my reasons for believing them. My writings will either confirm your current beliefs or challenge them, it remains your God-given right and responsibility to honestly weigh and examine all the evidence before you and decide what you will believe is the truth. My greatest desire is not to convince people of the truth, but rather to bring them closer to the One who said "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life".

Copyright vs. Public Domain
It is my opinion that copyrights restrict rather than encourage the spread of the truth, for copyrights act to restrict copying, broadcasting, lending and translating of material. Therefore I have decided to waive all rights to my writings to which I am entitled to by copyright law, in so doing I am dedicating my writings to the public domain without restrictions. This means you may copy, edit, share and publish my writings as much as you want, without any restrictions, you don't even need to ask permission.

The main purpose of copyrights is to protect against potential financial loss, resulting from unauthorized commercial use of copyrighted material. Since I have no financial motives in making and maintaining TRUTH.INFO I have no need of copyrights. Neither do I need copyrights to ensure I receive glory and credit for my work, for all glory and credit belongs to Him who is the source of all truth.

However, it is requested but not required that a few simple principles be followed when copying or using content from TRUTH.INFO:
  • You quote or link to as the original source, since every page and paragraph is only a part of this online project as a whole, and if you copy only a portion of the whole without referencing it, you are not expressing the author's desired message which is found only in the project's entirety.
  • To whatever standard you would expect your own material to be treated, so treat the material you find at TRUTH.INFO.
  • If any profit is made from publishing content taken from TRUTH.INFO a generous portion of it ought to be used to fight hunger and poverty.

I am not a qualified lawyer, pastor,
scientist, doctor or anything else for that matter, and thus none my writings should be taken as any form of professional advice. I do not accept responsibility for any injury or harm that may result from using the information provided.
Brought to you by Terje Ronneberg
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