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Different Ways You Can be a Part of TRUTH.INFO
1) Join by registering your email address
The author of this project personally sends out an email every now and then, to keep people informed of what's new. It's free and contains no junk or advertising, so join the list of subscribers by entering your email below:
When you submit your address a confirmation email will be sent to your address and you must click on the link in the email to confirm you have received the email. If you have any problems contact me any time.

2) Tell others about TRUTH.INFO
-Link to TRUTH.INFO from your website.
-Put it on your screensaver at home and at work
-Share it in Internet chat rooms and forums
-Advertise it in any way you can think of, except by spamming and other unfriendly methods.

3) Contribute your time and talents
-If you are interested in volunteering to help run and develop TRUTH.INFO, you can to contribute your talents, such as skills in proofreading, programming, translating, graphic designing etc. Just contact me and I will let you know what needs doing.
-Spiritual contributions are also most welcome, you can spiritually contribute to this project through prayer.

4) Send feedback and comments
It is always great to receive feedback, whether positive or negative. Send feedback.
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