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What about the Big Bang and Evolution?
There are basically two different beliefs about how the world and everything in it got here.

1. One belief is that everything came here by accident without the help of God.
People that hold this view say that before the universe existed, something existed, and the universe was born when that "something"  exploded with a big bang. However there are big problems with the big bang theory such as:
-What caused the big bang? No answer
-Explosions require something to explode, where did the stuff that exploded come from? No answer
-Can an ordered and beautiful universe result from an explosion? No proof, explosions generally cause only destruction and disorder.

The theory of evolution is based on a belief that non-living matter like rocks, minerals and water over billions of years can accidentally turn into microscopic living things. Evolution is the theory that these small living things, accidentally turned into things like single-celled organisms, and over more time they accidentally turned into bigger animals, which eventually accidentally turned into people.

Some problems with the the idea of evolution and the spontaneous generation of life:
-Not even scientists today can make non-living things into living things, yet some of them say it can happen by accident.
-There is no fossil or other evidence of animals that were half animal and half human.
-There is no fossil or other evidence of different animal kinds such as dogs and cats having a shared ancestor.

The fact is scientists are not always right, scientists once believed the earth was flat, but today we know it isn't. Scientists used to believe the sun revolved around the Earth, but it doesn't. There are already many great scientists who say things like the big bang and evolution couldn't have happened. But like those that said the earth is round they are being made fun of.

Many people want to believe the world came into existence by an accident, because they donít want to believe God exists.

2.The Christian belief is that God exists and He created the world and everything in it, just as the Bible says in Genesis.
There is much evidence to say that humans and the rest of the world are not a result of accidents but were created and designed by God. Nature is full of order and complex systems that could not have come about by accident. The human body is much more complicated than a car or a computer. But nobody would ever believe a car or computer came into existence by accident. Planets and stars revolve around in the universe like fine clockwork, but nobody would believe a clock was formed by accident in an explosion.

Is it not foolish to say something can happen by accident that can't even be accomplished by the non-accidental efforts of scientists? No scientist has ever created a single living cell from non-living material.
Brought to you by Terje Ronneberg
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