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Salvation - A Poem Inspired by the Prodigal Son and the Woman Caught in Adultery.

Sweet deception seemed so right
beyond the boundaries looked so bright.
With temptation so warmly calling
heeding was easier than ignoring.

Soaring high on momentary pleasure
The limits seemed beyond all measure.
The moment was what mattered most
living the fantasy so grandiose.

But how it can all go so wrong
when we dance to the serpents song.
The promised cup of jubilation
Was laced with deadly degradation.

Delusions mist quickly dissipated.
Awakened miserable, poor, and naked.
wallowing in the muck of shame
Selfish weakness, alone to blame.

Shackled in dark chains of torment
memories of light seem so distant
The hardened heart is shattered
the soul is torn and tattered.

Into the darkness reached a hand
and a voice saying I understand,
turn to me and receive life anew
for I too was broken, all for you.

No stones awaited to be cast
only open arms infinitely vast
No shaming words to hear
but a kiss, and a holding near.

The seed of hope was gently sown
The heart touched by a love unknown.
With freedom so warmly inviting
surrender was easier than fighting.

The darkened heart succumbs
The healing light overcomes
Heaven erupts in celebration
for a soul crowned with salvation.

A feast is made with the fatted beast.
The father bestows his very best
A new heart, a new birth
A new home beyond this earth.

The Spirit of love is poured within
Comforting, and empowering.
Along the path of truth he guides.
Never forsaking, He always abides.

Now fittingly graced in garments divine
With the King of Kings to one day dine
When love and peace shall reign again.
To God be the glory forever, amen.

by Terje Ronneberg December 2009
(Inspired by the story of women caught in adultery and the prodigal son.)
Brought to you by Terje Ronneberg
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